Saturday, June 21, 2008

Soon to be the second tallest tower in Zambia!

We have been told by the crew stacking our radio tower for the Southern Cross Radio Project that our tower at 97 metres will be the second tallest tower in Zambia. The sections below were sent on one container but the top three sections will not arrive until the medical mission container arrives. If it happens soon, the tower could be in place by the time the medical mission team leaves Zambia.

We are still attempting to raise the final dollars for Phase One of this project. Approximately $15,000 US Dollars remain to be raised, but in order to meet governmental deadlines, we had to begin work immediately.

According to the United Nation's Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS, radio is one of the most credible sources of information to individuals in developing countries regarding HIV/AIDS. This Christian radio station will broadcast the Gospel, uplifting music, educational programming on health care, agriculture etc, sports programming and eventually news. Below - the sections of the tower have to be painted in alternating bands of white and aviation-orange.

Two men known to be outstanding in their field -) Kel Hamby and Wil Pippin walk around a hole dug to set one of the anchors for the guy wires.