Friday, July 10, 2009

First wave of nurses arrive

The first wave of nurses arrived just before 10pm. They looked stunned and dazed from a very long journey, but they arrived safely. The remainder of the nurses are stranded in JoBerg, but are booked on a flight Friday morning, and the Nursing Counsel has agreed to work on Saturday to conduct the interviews.

The early team had a traditional meal this evening. It was already planned that we have this meal this day, but it was also lucky, because it could be cooked outside, and the electricity to the mission was off most of the day.

The meal had rape ( a lot like collard greens mixed with peanut butter), capenta (bait fish, dried, reconstituted and cooked with tomatoes), nsima, rice, cabbage and stewed chicken. Ellie even pulled out some mopani worms, but I didn't see many people take one:0)

The work schedule has been frantic, with the team arriving tomorrow, but it seems to be coming together well.

More to come