Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Simalundu Day Two

Breakfast was served approximately 11:30pm Central Time in the US, but for us it was 6:30am. We attempted to have our clinic running by 7:30 this morning and were mostly successful. By the time we let the first group through the queue there were already 500 people in dental line. It is going to be a long hard day for the dentists.
Yesterday we were able to see just under 2500 patients not including those coming for vaccinations or HIV testing, but given the lines that are already in place we are likely to see more today.
The team is thriving. There are, of course, a few of our own team members who are ill. Respiratory issues are the main complaint. It is winter, and dry. The dust hangs in the air and it is impossible to go the day without breathing in a lot of it. Similarly, warmth and cooking require campfires, and between the smoke, dust, and lack of rest, it is pretty easy to have a sore throat. No one is seriously ill however, and we are, after all, a medical mission, so we have plenty of medical attention.
We will try to do some audio reports as the day wears on, assuming the satellite phone will cooperate.