Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kanchindu Day Two

Still struggling with telecommunications. We have done several audio recordings that I think you will enjoy, but they are too large to post, so I will try to post them after the fact.

Our second day of clinics is off to a good start. We had breakfast at 6:30 and had the clinic running prior to 8am. The crowds are already larger than yesterday. We had one elderly woman come in with a broken leg and actually broke through the skin. We have transported her to Mamba where there is a local hospital.

It was cooler last night, but still not cold (according to some anyway). It will likely prove to be much colder later in the week. Last night, our kitchen crew cooked up mashed potatoes and gravy, which our Zambian volunteers weren't too thrilled about it, but our American volunteers dearly loved. We still had traditional nsima for the Zambians. We also had fried chicken which seemed to satisfy both camps:-) Imagine cooking enough fried chicken for 250 people over an open fire. And imagine doing it without a freezer and pre-prepared vacuum-packed chicken already cut up and ready to fry. Needless to say there were lots of feathers around camp, and some tired kitchen workers.

We will try to post some photos, later, but the conditions are just too slow and cumbersome to post them here.

Many thanks