Friday, July 11, 2008

Post from David Christianson

As I looked on my iPhone to check out the latest blog, I found that no one had updated it for awhile. As the discoverer of this fact, I apparently also volunteered to record the next update. So here goes.

Preparations are moving rapidly. The nurses are in Lusaka, the capitol, to go through a type of interview before they offer any health care to the people. They will come in tonight, followed by the main team tomorrow evening.

The pharmaceutical supplies are nearly packed. Star Ferguson has been a “star” in getting everything ready to go, as usual. Laura Massingill has been hurriedly preparing housing for the nurses and main team. They will all sleep comfortably while here at Namwianga.

Some of the most exciting work has been occurring at the soon-to-be radio station. A shipping container (about the size of a semi’s trailer) is being transformed into a housing for 90.5, “Namwianga Christian Radio”. The exterior has a coat of paint, and the interior is being walled into 3 separate rooms for different functions. We hope that it soon will be placed below the tower to broadcast hope and good news to the surrounding area.

In the meantime, we await the arrival of the rest of our team. Plans are underway to take hope and healing to some of the poorest people in this poor nation. God is so good to work through us. We thank you for your prayers as we are here, and for saving a place at the table when we return.

David Christianson