Sunday, July 20, 2008

Second Half

This post is from KB, and I am actually back at Namwianga Mission, but I spoke with Laura last night by cell phone. She had to climb a rather large ant hill to get reception, but it worked for a few minutes.

The team is at Simpwesi. It is a fairly remote village that we have been too in the past. They were able to arrive before dark again! It is very difficult to arrive in the dark and get settled in for the night, so arriving during daylight is a big plus.

I am at the mission because I picked up James Thompson, a radio engineer from Abilene Texas yesterday. He will be working to configure our studios for the new radio station during the coming few days. Jenny Pippin and Ronica McQueen are also at the mission with their children, so we traveled with a singing group from Namwianga Secondary School to Katundu this morning about 8am and stayed until about 1pm. There were more than 400 people at a Gospel-meeting of sorts, and they were all packed into a small space, but the singing was great!

I will provide you further updates as I have them. There will be several audio posts that were recorded earlier that will posted throughout the next few days.