Sunday, July 8, 2012

Busy Morning

We will try to post some photos on this morning.  It is hectic, and going as planned.  It is 8am and the advanced logistics team (a-team) is gathering on the big trucks (lorries) they will ride to begin setting up the tent city that we need to house us at Njabalombe.

We sent several nurses to Lusaka long before daylight today to sit for an interview with the nursing counsel.  They will ruturn lat in the day to our clinic site.

Everyone else had to have their luggage out by 7:30 so that it could be loaded, and once the a-team leaves, we will begin loading the dental, supplies, optical, children's ministry, etc.

After loading we purposely provide the main team some time to visit the Haven orphanages, in order to give the a-team a fair head-start at getting their job done before we arrive.

Our trip from Namwianga will be several hours mostly off of paved roads.

Our ability to post new info may be reduced over the next 48 hours, so don't worry if you are not hearing from us.

Thanks for your interest.