Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Njabalombe Day Two

Yesterday at Njabalombe we set a record for the  number (3500) of patients seen on day one of the clinics.   Today we set a record of 3890 patients seen in one day.  As you can imagine the lines have been staggering and the needs even more.  It has been hot and dusty and the team is exhausted from seeing that many patients.  Many of the patients walked 2 to 3 days just to come for medical help.
We had at least 5 patients that we had seen in the last two years and had provided transport and food for them to get to a hospital for care.  Here are a few of those stories.

1.       Stanley and his wife brought their 8 year old son, Blessing, to us to show how he is now walking.  Two years ago Stanley carried his son, who had two club feet, on his back to our clinic.  Stanley had spent several years going from hospital to hospital with the son on his back, asking if they could help him.  Each time he was told there was nothing that could be done.   When we saw Blessing we told the father we would pay for him to take his son to the capital city of Lusaka to the Orthopedic Hospital for surgery.  The father did so and continued to take his son for further examinations and the second surgery.  The father worked diligently growing vegetables to sell so he would have money to pay for further transport for Blessing.  Some medical team members purchased a diesel engine to help Stanley to be able to pump water for his vegetables.  This year the wife made 60 Chitenge bags, to carry a Bible, to give to the medical team.  All of the 70 heads of cabbage the medical team were served  to eat came from Stanley.  This was just a small way they could say thank you for the ability to walk that their son, Blessing, received from the medical team.

2.      Tribush, a 5 year old boy, came walking in with his mother.  Last year she carried him as he had been bitten by a snake and the scar tissue constricted and caused his leg to be immobile.  We gave the mother funds to go to Lusaka for surgery and that is what she did.  Today Tribush, came running to us to show that he could walk and run.   His face was full of Joy.

3.      A lady came in to one of our team members today and fell to the ground expressing her appreciation for our part in her healing.  Last year she came to us and had been bleeding for several years.  We sent her to a nearby hospital with funds for her transport and food.  She underwent surgery and the bleeding was stopped.

These are just a sampling of the many stories we have heard over the last 2 days.
We had one emergency today where a lady was close to giving birth and it appeared there were going to be major complications.   KB took her into Kalomo and she was then rushed to another nearby hospital where they were going to have to do a C-Section.  They are hoping to save the mother’s life, but saving the life of the baby is doubtful.

We have all been saddened by the news that Marge Kagels, one of our long time team members, heard last night.  Her daughter was in a motorcycle accident and was not expected to survive.  Marge left today and  is on her way back to the states.  Please keep Marge in your prayers as this is very difficult time for her.

We will be heading to Chawila in the early morning and expect to find large crowds waiting for medical care.

Ellie Hamby