Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dust and Diesel Smoke

The team arrived at Namwianga after dark tonight.  The Lag Team arrived about 5pm and took everyone's luggage to their housing.  They looked dusty and beat even before the main team arrived, and all of the huge trucks had to be unloaded.  I know they will sleep well tonight, but it will be a short night because everyone has to have luggage out early tomorrow for travel to Livingstone.

In all they saw 16,029 patients, 10,647 of them medical, 2128 dental, and 3254 in eyes.  I am not sure how many cataract surgeries have been performed but I know it exceeds 100. 

When the team arrived in power was off at the mission, and only the radio station tower lights were on, so team members went walking off in the dark to their housing, to come into a dark house where they had to pack by flashlight.  The power came on about an hour later.

Again, it will be difficult to make postings after this, so they may end abruptly, but we will try to update later.