Sunday, July 17, 2011

We Saved A Life Today

At the risk of being melodramatic, we saved a life today.  Flora Ngambi, Dr. Jeff Mckinsey's nurse said, "We have come this day for this one soul." 

A few kilometers from Kasukwe a young man was working near a thrasher, or shredder of some sort when his foot was caught.  His friends put him on an ox cart, and having heard on the radio that our team was going to be in Kasukwe started toward us.  By the time he arrived at our clinic he was bleeding profusely and was beginning to lose conciousness.  He was given an IV immediately and his wounds cleaned and the bleeding stopped, but he was very weak, so we loaded him in the back of a small pickup and rushed him to a clinic at Maacha.  I am back at Namwianga in order to make these postings, but when I left at 4:30 today we had not heard back from the nurses that accompanied him.  There is no cell service there, so it may be some time before I know.

If the boy lives it will have been because his friends knew of the medical mission team that was visiting.  We pray that he lives, and comes to know why we came, and who we are..