Sunday, July 10, 2011

It is about three in the morning in the central U.S, but our team has been up and going for a few hours now.  Many of the team showed up before 7am Zambian time for breakfast.  It is cold.  Just a few days ago this area had the coldest overnight temperature in recorded history and many of the banana trees, and other foliage was bitten.

Oddly enough it started raining for an instant this morning.  It RARELY rains at Namwianga this time of year.  One person expressed some concern for the two mile walk to a Church service this morning, but I stated with confidence that they need not worry about getting too wet.  We will see if I were right when they come back for lunch.

Our team was greeted when they got off the buses here at Namwianga with a team that had their luggage pre-sorted for them, and were settled into their guest homes within an hour.  They were tired and ready to stop moving, and many of them looked a little stunned, but this morning faces were brighter.

We offered three venues for worship today.  It is a short walk to an assembly on campus, but many of the team  chose to walk the two to four miles to a village church.  One group went to Tumongo and one went to a nearby basic school.