Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Njabalombe finished

We finished our clinic at Njabalombe this evening at 5pm, having seen
about the same number as the day before.

Our team is generally healthy, and happy.

At our team meeting tonight Eleanor explained that Njabalombe means
"strong boys" because when the Caribba river valley was to be flooded
to create the lake, many of the people who were being displaced were
told to re-settle here. Many of the older people said that only the
Strong Boys could survive on this land, so they stayed and were
presumably lost when the river flooded.

We have finished dinner, and the team is settling in for the night, a
group of girls from a nearby village are singing Gospel songs in Tonga
and moving around the edges of our camp. It will be welcome for a few
more minutes, and then our team will start putting in the earplugs to

We will leave early tomorrow for our next clinic site.