Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Early group arrived

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From: Ellie Hamby

The early group of 19 arrived yesterday with no problems with all their  luggage – amazing!  Since it was the 4th of July we decided as patriotic Americans we should  our independence from the British.   We went in the back of a big truck  to the granite banks of the Kalomo River where we had hot dogs, homemade hot dog buns, chips, cookies, ice cream, and s'mores.  It was quite a treat while being in Zambia.  The evening was topped off with fireworks supplied by Ruhtt Mbumwae.  Attached are some pictures of the celebration.

Unfortunately, one of our team members, Dr. Carole Buchholz, tripped on the granite rock and suffered a significant fracture to her wrist.  We were able to take her to our Namwianga Hospital where the x-ray technician took x-rays of the injured wrist.  We then took photos of the x-rays and emailed them to an orthopedic surgeon in Alaska.  Fortunately, Carole had Dr. Marylou Behnke (neonatal pediatrician) and Dr. Richard Prather  (veterinarian) along with several others attending to her.

It was determined that she needed to have the bone set as soon as possible to avoid further damage and then surgery will likely follow.  We carry medical/emergency evacuation insurance on every team member and the insurance company was called to arrange medical transportation for her.  Since it was not a life threatening injury they arranged and paid for her to fly to South Africa on a commercial South Airways flight where she will receive immediate treatment.   The insurance company also paid for Dr. Richard Prather to accompany her.  If it is determined she needs further treatment the insurance will send her back to the USA.  As you can see this is an example of how necessary it is to have medical/evacuation insurance.  The company was very cooperative and appears to be taking good care of her.  We just received a phone call from Dr. Prather and she has been admitted and they waiting on the doctor to see her.  Please keep Carole in your prayers.

Today everyone is working hard counting pills, organizing foodstuff for the clinics, repairing tents, and inventorying all the different clinic areas.  There is still a lot of work to be done.

We covet your prayers as we prepare for our ministry to the Zambia people.

Ellie Hamby