Sunday, July 10, 2011

Up and Going

The bell at the secondary school rang at 5:30am (as usual) to wake the students. (Try that in the United States;-)

Our vehicles were moving prior to that, and the team is beginning to come alive.  This is our moving day and one of the most difficult, but we are off to a good start.

Yesterday in the midst of a nationwide power outage thanks to the hydroelectric plant at Carriba Dr. Teague performed our first three cateract surgeries.  The generator at Namwianga Rural Healthcare Clinic performed well.  The whole ordeal was not without its difficulties, but it went well overall.  During the second surgery a fly landed on the operating microscope and Dr. Teague asked someone to remove it.  Jessalyn who was observing the surgery and taping it for the video put her hand up against the scope, the fly climbed on and she walked it to the door and released it.  We now call her the "Fly Whisperer!"

It may be tomorrow before we can post anything additional, too difficult to find Internet quickly on the road, but we will try.